Sól Ey (Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir, 1996) is a sound artist, instrument developer, and performer based in The Netherlands. In her work, sound is explored as a tangible or architectonic phenomenon. Its relation with space is in focus, resulting in installations and performances that are often site-specific or actively involve the audience. In her practice, technology is utilized to realize multisensory concepts and connect different mediums. Essentially, curiosity, collaboration, and artistic research form the core of her practice. Her work has been presented at 4DSOUND (HU), Raflost (IS), Today’s Art (NL), Spektrum (GE) and West Den Haag (NL).

Parallel to her artistic work, Sól Ey is active as a curator and event-manager. She is founder of RASK, a collective of young Icelandic artists working in the intersection of art and technology, co-founder of improvisation series Zwerm, and a board member of the Icelandic section of Ung Nordisk Musik, a festival for young Nordic composers. She is currently studying composition and Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.

O + beygja performed at Willem Twee, Den Bosch in the Netherlands. This composition is made specially for both the instruments; Flöt and Kvasir.

Solo performance at RASK #1:

Sól Ey performed a solo set that uses two of her gestural controllers; Flöt og Kvasir. She uses these controllers to shape sound, thus making technology an integral extension of the body. The gestures are explored as a means to sculpt imaginary objects. Through this interplay between virtual and physical devices, she searches for the significance of intimacy between humans, space and technology.

Performance with Halldór Eldjárn at RASK #2:

For RASK #2, Halldór Eldjárn and Sól Ey did a collaborative performance that was showcased in Mengi. The performance made use of organic sound objects, percussion, voice and spatial speakers set up, and was aimed at exploring the relationship between virtual and physical objects as it collides in space.



Photos by Marijn Smulders and Patrik Ontkovic

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