Raphaël Alexandre is a new media French artist (born 1984) based in Reykjavik. With a background in computer science engineering, Raphaël created video games (for Darkworks / Ubisoft companies) and music tools (such as Everyday Looper) for years. He began to explore the possibilities beyond software by combining it with electronic elements and from there dedicated his researches to art projects. After taking part in two art residencies in Iceland (Reitir and Saga), Raphaël collaborated with 10 other artists on resurrecting an old merry-go-round, with the support of the city of Paris, now on tour in Europe. Amongst others, Raphaël had the pleasure to take a picture of Páll Óskar, which he used as the cover for his single “Ég elska þig til baka”.

Claire & Raphaël have been collaborating since 2018. The artist duo creates art installations and stage designs focused on the relationship and interactions between sound, light and sculptural elements in space. Their non-identifiable objects take over spaces, as if they had always been here, as if they had a purpose. The narratives implied by the artworks always refer to thoughts of science fiction.



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