Pétur Eggerts is an anarchist jester/performance and media artist pretending to be a composer. He does not, however, care much for musical pitches and does not believe in virtuosic performances. A transformation of sound through an arbitrary translation into different mediums (or vice versa) has been a focus in his work and additionally, the roles of the performer and audience are investigated and augmented. The audience may influence the progression of a piece and musical performers may end up in unusual circumstances. He is interested in the mechanics and etiquette of attending a concert and wants to create a memorable experience for the audience. His pieces often go very wrong and it is hard (even for him) to pinpoint if failure is intended or not. His goal is to defy expectations for everyone involved be it the performers, the audience, the venue staff or himself. Do not expect anything from him, just roll with it.

Geigen - Wherever-rave live-stream performance at RASK #3:

Pétur is one half of GEIGEN which performed remotely at RASK #3 in April 2020. GEIGEN is a techno violin performance duo formed in San Francisco, in the fall of 2018, by artist Gígja Jónsdóttir and composer Pétur Eggertsson. GEIGEN rebels against the classical image of the violin, it is the need to break out of traditional systems, it embraces the violin and attempts to bring it into the future. GEIGEN creates transformative concert experiences, called the Geigen Galaxies, where the audience voyage outside the galaxy in a spaceship nightclub, where the mighty sounds of the violin morph into electric stardust. For RASK #3 we attempted to make this voyage with a society in isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic, examining the limitations of remote performance and the possibilities of activating an unseen body of spectators through web based media.

Other works:

Remove The Groove (2019)

Still from Echotopoeia (2018)

Chamber Music II: Sonic Retribution (2020)



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