Katerina Blahutova (b.1987) is a czech multidisciplinary designer currently based in Reykjavík. She graduated in architecture at Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic and studied multimedia and theatre arts at Instituto Universitario di Venezia, Italy.

Her practice extends from architecture to set design, product to graphic design, light design to interactive audiovisual performances, video to djing. She is a member of Prague-based Lunchmeat studio, KSK club collective and Reykjavík-based RASK. She performs as a DJ and VJ under the moniker DVDJ NNS and has created live visuals and toured with Katarzia, Midilidi, MSEA and Sigrún and directed music videos for artists like Nonpareils, MSEA, d.i.r.b., Herbarium and Rex Pistols.

As a broad-minded club selector, she uncovers diffuse passageways between street-smart urbanites, self-aware dance floor channellers and virtual entities.

Live visuals for Francesco Fabris at RASK#1

Live visuals for Francesco Fabris featured 3d scanned fragments and microscopic footage of ruins of Palace of Knóssos. Set was created in Touchdesigner

DISCO2200 at RASK#3

It's year 2200. Humans have been gone for about a century now. From their disposed waste, distinctly exceeding the timeline of their bodily shells, rise various intelligent forms of technofossil organisms as well as new biobots and living species. The human-made data cloud provides source of hauntologic entertainment. Raving has become a popular pastime activity. Human emotions encoded in music are the new drug. You are welcome to join a live stream of one of such events featuring DJ DATABASS.



Photos by Patrik Ontkovic and Katerina Blahutova

All rights reserved (2021)