Halldór Eldjárn is an Icelandic musician and a programmer. His music is a collision of the technological and the organic electronic worlds. It was when Halldór began to studying computer science that he started combining music creation and and programming. Since then he has used his newly acquired skills to build a drum machine, robotic instruments including a self-playing harp and a few drum robots that can be controlled by a computer. Halldór’s released his debut album "Poco Apollo” in 2019. It consists of music generated by a custom computer program using images from the moon as an input, adapted for a string quartet, percussion and electronics.

Performance with Sól Ey at RASK #2

For RASK #2, Halldór Eldjárn and Sól Ey did a collaborative performance that was showcased in Mengi. The performance made use of organic sound objects, percussion, voice and spatial speakers set up, and was aimed at exploring the relationship between virtual and physical objects as it collides in space.



Photos by Patrik Ontkovic

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