Hákon Bragason (b.1993) graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts spring 2018 with a BA in Fine Arts. In his work, he deals with our experience of the surroundings and how it is controlled by various sensations, equipment, etc. He normally uses media such as electronic appliances, digital technology and sounds that are presented together in interactive installations.

Earthbound at RASK #2

The work Earthbound is a virtual reality piece that takes the spectator away from his own thought capsule and brings it back to emphasize what we feel is a normal earthbound existence, limited to material.

Bubble vision at RASK #3

You find yourself in a bubble, the first thing you think about is that you might run out of air. The only way out is to ruin the bubble and like soap bubbles, they can't be fixed after they pop. In a virtual bubble there is no air to worry about. Bubble Vision is an interactive web environment that places the spectator in a virtual isolation bubble.



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