RASK ​​Electronic Arts Workshops

RASK Collective invites young creative minds and technology-enthusiasts to participate in electronic arts workshops. The workshops will take place at FabLab Reykjavik and Post-húsið on the weekends 16-17 and 23-24 October. Our target group is young adults 16+ but anyone interested is welcome. Participation is free but registration is required.

RASK Electronic Arts Workshops are open for anyone, regardless of experience, background and gender, that wants to explore electronic arts in a supportive environment. Our goal is to help boost your confidence, create a community for experiments, and provide basic tools to create electronic art and music. The only requirement is to show up and join our inclusive and encouraging learning environment, but we specially encourage female-identifying and non-binary individuals to apply.

We will be offering workshops in computer music composition, coding for interactive art, and manipulating visuals and video-mapping. The workshops will be hosted by Ida Schuften Juhl, Sól Ey, and Katerina Blahutova (DVDJ NNS). All workshops are free and take place over the course of a weekend.


~ Interactive art - coding interaction with sensors and microcontrollers by Sól Ey 16-17 OCT: Fablab Reykjavik Event


~ ~ Augmenting reality with light - introduction to VJing and videomapping by DVDJ NNS (Katerina Blahutova) 23-24 OCT: Post-húsið Event


~ ~ Computer music for beginners and friends - Exploration of tools to create music with a computer by IDK IDA (Ida Schuften Juhl) 23-24 OCT: Post-húsið Event

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All participants are invited to share their workshop results at the final exhibition at Post-húsið at 16-18 on October 24. The workshops and exhibition is a part of the Sequences Festival.

RASK is a collective of young Icelandic artists that work at the intersection of art and technology. Our objectives include working towards accessibility of technology and creative spaces for interdisciplinary collaborations. We wish to strengthen the diversity within the Icelandic electronics art scene. The RASK Electronic Arts workshop is a step towards welcoming new voices into the scene, but for women and minorities in particular. We consider the making of a supportive and inclusive learning environment a step towards a more diverse environment within technology and art.

This project is created in partnership with Sequences Art Festival, FabLab Reykjavik, and Post-húsið. It is made possible with the financial support of Tónlistarsjóður RANNÍS, Landsbankinn and Landsvirkjun.

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