Open call for Conference Participants - MINU FESTIVAL 2022

MINU Conference 2022 is a 4 day conference which will bring together young composers and sound artists based in the Nordic region for performance lectures, showcases and inter-Nordic networking. MINU festival takes place in Copenhagen on November 9-13th.

Each conference day will kick off with a performance lecture to set the theme for the day's presentations: Embodiment, Symbols, Language, and Free for All.


Active participants will do a 30 minute presentation about a topic related to their artistic work or research interest. The presentation should be related to one of the four topics as outlined above (note: the last day is a free-for-all regarding themes).

Selected active participants will receive financial support for travel and accommodation in addition to a compensation of 2500 dkk (45 000 isk) for their presentation. RASK will send up to 5 participants to the festival. Selected participants are expected to attend the full program of the festival on November 9-13.

Whether presenting or not, the conference will be a forum where artists within the area can meet and build inter-nordic networks as well as gain new inspiration and knowledge. For this reason it is also possible to participate in the conference as a passive participant.

To apply, please submit a PDF document (in English) containing the following:

1. An abstract or proposal (max 2 pages) for a 30 min presentation about a topic related to their artistic work and/or research interest related to one of the 4 topics (note: the last day is a free-for-all regarding themes). The proposal can include pictures, sound and/or video.

2. A portfolio of 1-3 pages showcasing previous works and/or publications. This can be communicated through text, pictures and links to video and recordings.

3. A short CV (max 2 page).

4. Send the application as a SINGLE PDF FILE on email with subject line "MINU festival" to

The deadline for applying is September 28th 23.59 GMT.

Applicants will hear back in the first week of October.

This open call is only for Icelandic or Iceland-based composers or soundartists. For more information about the festival and conference visit

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